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Well Rounded Wednesday – Five Questions to Assess if your Preschooler is Ready to Ski.

Here we are in the heart of a snow-filled winter season and there I am on top of a ski mountain!  Many parents love getting on to the slopes but question whether their child is ready and where they should start.  I did some research on ski mountains across the country and programs they offer for children.  Here is what I found:

A Sampling of Children’s Ski Schools Across the Country:

In Vermont, Killington the following programs are offered.  First Tracks Program for  children 2-4 combines the Friendly Penguin daycare with on-snow sessions designed to introduce children to skiing or other outdoor activities. For kids 5 – 6 there is Ministars.  It is an innovative program that teaches your children to enjoy the sport of skiing in a safe, fun and educational environment.

In Beaver Creek, Colorado, group ski lessons are available for children ages 3-6.  The service includes: a day of lessons, lift access, and a healthy kid-friendly lunch. The day starts indoors with educational pre-ski activities.

For Parents in the Tri-State area, Shawnee Mountain in Pennsylvania offers a number of programs including: SKIbaby: Intro to Skiing for ages 3 & under, Mommy & Me: Private lesson for 3-year-old child and guardian and SKIwee programs for ages 4 – 6

With just a quick google search I was able to locate all these options.  Ski resorts cater to families and have created exciting ways to teach your children about the joys of skiing! 

So you know where to go, how do you know if your child is ready?  In “Learning to Ski:  Is Your Child Ready?”  Sue Way suggests the following assessment:

1.)  Is he/she comfortable being dropped off in a school or pre-school type environment?

2.)  Does he/she have the strength and endurance to be physically active for up to one hour in the cold and in weather that may be wet and possibly windy and stormy?

3.)  Is he/she physically strong enough to walk around in skis and boots?

4.)  The most important factor to consider is whether your child will have fun.  Children have a lifetime to learn a sport.  If you want them to succeed, it is important that they enjoy themselves.

5.)  Will he/she wear proper clothing without a fight?

* Sue’s questions and more details can be found at

If you were able to answer the questions with a resounding YES – bundle up, wear a helmet, keep hydrated and enjoy the slopes!

Action Steps –  Check out local ski establishments for the child friendly classes.

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