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Blog Announcement – New Features

You will be seeing some new features on the blog over the next few weeks.  These items will not be published every week however the topics will help to categorize the information provided on an ongoing basis.  The topics are as follows:

Must Have Monday – This will highlight educational and age appropriate products for children.  The blog is in no way compensated for items featured.  Parents should evaluate the appropriateness of any product in their own child’s situation.  Please feel free to check the consumer product safety commision ( or with other groups that test the safey of children’s products.

Teachable Moment Tuesday – This will focus on  current news.  As news stations report on issues such as natural disasters, wars,  gossip and even happier stories the articles will suggest how to make these teachable moments for your children.

Well Rounded Wednesday– This will have  articles on culture, arts, music, sports, travel and other topics for a well-rounded child.

These above series are in addition to the following regular features:

Building my Nursery School – Following my transition from the world of finance to the world of early childhood education.

Building your Child Development Knowledge – articles, research and suggestions featuring current child development knowledge.

The Care and Feeding of your Pre-Schooler – Articles on nutrition, finance and all additional matters to help in the care and feeding of your child.

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