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Must Have Monday – Handmade Blankets

I have long been a supporter of local, small businesses.  It’s not to say I don’t love Whole Foods or Starbucks however there is something so wonderful about buying something gorgeous from the actual person that made it!  So many businesses are built on the dreams of amazing people just bursting with ideas of how to do things better or how to creativity make something beautiful.  In my childhood, I was always told I could do whatever I wanted but I had to put my heart and energy into it.  That belief in me has taken me places I never imagined!  I truly believe that by supporting talented small business owners, we are telling them same thing!  “I believe in your dream, I think you are amazing at what you do, put your heart and energy into it and you can be a success!”

So what does all this have to do with Child Development?  Well, for families with pre-school age children, many times there are also babies or friends with babies and certainly baby showers!  An acquaintance/friend of mine has such a talent for putting together gorgeous designs and hand-making baby blankets, cloths and baskets.  She can take the planned colors of the baby’s room and make it into a beautiful handmade gift.

Sweet Baby Blanket Amy Butler French Wallpaper

When I look around at what I have kept with me, move after move, it is the handmade items that I have saved all these years:  a purple patch blanket from my Nanna, a cross-stitch framed saying from a best friend.  There is so much love that goes into items like these; they deserve to be treasured.

On all the other ‘Must Have Mondays’ I have provided the disclosure that I was not compensated for my post.  In this case, I feel I must share with you that I do know the business owner and I do have a shoe carrier from EnolaAshley (which I LOVE!)  I ask, as always, that you make the decision based upon your own assessments.

Parents should evaluate the appropriateness of any product in their own child’s situation.  Please feel free to check the consumer product safety commision ( or with other groups that test the safety of children’s products.

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