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Must Have Monday – Book Recommendation

I am a big proponent of reading to your children.  I have listed some studies on the subject to emphasize the importance.

  •  (Carey, 1978) Estimated that pre-school age children acquire 5 new words each day.  That’s 10,000 by the age of six.*
  • (Anderson, Heilbert, Scott and Wilkenson, 1985) Found reading aloud is the single most important activity for building the knowledge needed in reading.*
  • (Schickendanz. 1999) Discusses the strong relationship between language development in the early years and reading later on.*

*Studies quoted were sourced from the following paper: Teacher’s Use of Interactive Read Alouds Using Nonfiction in Early Childhood Classrooms

One of my Subject Matter Experts and Mom of Three recommended ‘Big Words for Little People’ by Jaime Lee Curtis as a favorite of her kids.  This book can also help boost vocabulary as it is full of big words!

The book teaches children big words like patience, cooperate, persevere and respect.  It’s a fun way to incorporate new words into your child’s rapidly growing vocab.

Remember  – Make it a habit! Read to your children every night!!

Parents should evaluate the appropriateness of any product in their own child’s situation.  Please feel free to check the consumer product safety commision ( or with other groups that test the safey of children’s products.

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One thought on “Must Have Monday – Book Recommendation

  1. I absolutely agree. It’s also important to speak to your children as you would an adult. They’ll ultimately get the meaning of the “big words” you use and then they’ll use them as well. We love to compliment our 8-year-old on the “Gi-normous” words she peppers her sentences with.

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