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The Perfect (Educational) Gifts for your kids – finding them and ‘gift-listing’ them.

I am often asked by parents where to look for quality (educational) gifts for  their children.  Parents today are faced with hundreds if not thousands of choices when it comes to purchasing toys, books, dvds and video games for their children.  Walk down an aisle in Target or BabysRUs or any store for that matter and you will see the extent of the options.  In addition, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends and your children’s peers ask you for wish lists around birthday and holiday time. 

Today, we will address these two topics:  where can parents find information on quality products for children and how can parents’gift-list’ them for those that would like to buy their children a present?


In doing product research, I found the Parents Choice Award.  This award is given by The Parents’ Choice Foundation. “It is the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality toys and media.”  “The Foundation’s purpose is to search out and recommend products that help kids grow – imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally—fairly priced products that are fun, safe and socially sound.”  The group has given these awards in the following categories:  audio, book, dvd, magazine, software, television, toy, video game and website.  The foundations principles include: children deserve material to sharpen young minds not blunt them, children learn most easily when they enjoy it, knowledge gives parents confidence to teach their children.  Parents can access the website for the Parents’ Choice awards here  The website is a great resource and provides guides for parents, adventures in your area news and recalls plus information on reading, learning and play.

So now that you have identified some great gifts, where do you store the information and share it?  Amazon is a great place to search for the toys.  Amazon now has a great feature called Universal Wish List.  It allows the user to find items on ANY website and then add it to their Amazon Wish List.  Therefore, all the great toys you find on the Parents’ Choice website or else where can be stored on one personalized list and shared easily with Grandparents and friends. Instructions are listed here

Universal Wish List

Happy Shopping and Enjoy Playtime!

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