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Care and Feeding of Your Child – Cutting through the Nutrition Hype (action step included)

Each day we are bombarded with news snippets, emails and periodicals touting the benefit of chocolate or the dangers of fast food.  Newscasters quote the most recent studies and scientific facts.  The real studies quoted are never revealed to the listener: was it a legitimate study over the course of years or 10 people in a room for a weekend. 

Were do we go to sort our the truth and what is best for the kids?  What are the right vitamins?  What should you buy organic and what is ok non-organic?  What’s really in this tub of popcorn or the Starbucks Carmel Machiatto?  Do I need to worry about my child’s weight or my own?

There is an organization called the Center for Science and Public Interest.  They are a lobbying group that has been the voice behind many of the healthy changes in our lives: healthier options in schools, the removal of soda machines, new nutrition labels, the listing of nutrition ingredients at restaurants.  They look behind the studies to reveal what has actually taken place.  They dispel myths and work to provide information that helps with healthy decisions for you and your family.  They study food products like cereal or crackers and provide ‘best bites’ or healthiest options.  They offer healthy recipes.

So where do you get this information?  CSPI puts out a monthly newsletter.  It is short, printed in an easy to read format and best of all it is about $10.00 for the entire year.  Here is the link to their website:

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